Data for a Municipal Government


Following the development of the Electoral Radar (see post), I used the same technology to develop a service for municipal governments to gain insights from social network data, as well as from other public data sources. Two separate implementations were developed; the data sources are the same but the user interface is different. You can access a functional demo version here and here. The interface is in Portuguese, but you can probably follow what’s going on. Don’t use a tablet to access these demos since a lot a data is brought form the server to display on the browser.

The interface provides business intelligence through filters. You can click on several of the charts to filter the data. For the second version, you can use the menu located in the top left corner:


Here are a couple of screen shots. The map is of the city of João Pessoa, Brazil and the posts are tagged by neighborhood. This geographic information is gathered from the text of the posts, matching with Open Street Map data.


The following figure shows a few more charts:


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